Sunday, May 6, 2012


Welcome to Two Birds and a Bob.

Let's begin, shall we?

1. Mabel is just about 6 months old.
2. She is eating solid foods.
3. She giggles, a lot
4. She rolls over, a lot
5. She LOVES her daddy. She lights up when he comes in the room and looks for him when he is not there.
6. It is my belief that Mabel loves her daddy because he was the very first person to hold her when she was born.
7. Mabel also loves Sadie, she just smiles and giggles when Sadie is around.
8. I realized the other day that the birthmark on Mabel's arm is sort of shaped like Maui, where she was made ;)
9. Peter says her birthmark looks more like Australia.
10. Mabel loves to sit in the swing at the park. Sadie only recently started liking the swing.

1. I've been keeping a little record of some of Sadie's more choice quotes.
"We're not farm animals, we're girls" while playing in her doll house
"Mommy from now on I'm going to do what you say."
"When Tinkerbell gets excited she throws merry fagilies" = magic fairy dust
"Flora, Fauna and Metherweary" = merriweather
"The doctor had to cut you open or else the baby was going to come out of your butt."
"If you and mommy were dead in the street, I would have to get my key and open the door by myself."
2. Frank the fish died, he was 1.5 years old.
3. When flushing him down the toilet Sadie said "all drains lead to the ocean Frank."
4. After flushing Frank down the toilet Sadie said "well, now we can get another fish and name him Frank."
5. Sadie has asked to be called "Tinkerbell Sadie" not "just plain old Sadie."
6. Sadie used to want to be a fairy when she grows up, now she wants to be a singer and a "salon cutter, like mommy."
7. Sadie loves to draw. She spends hours drawing and talking to the paper. It is very entertaining to watch.
8. Sadie is OBSESSED with being as "fashiony" as she can.
9. She tucks all of her shirts into her panties.
10. When I wear a skirt she tells me I'm pretty all day long.

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